PhysFit PFT

Physical Fitness Test Solution that enables you to do what you do best, teach

Physical Fitness Test Solution

Data collection is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge. Collect your Physical Fitness Test data using this teacher-oriented solution that lets you organize your data collection the way you work, not the other way around.


Dynamic Rostering that lets you view your student in the way you want.

Summary view to quickly see completion status

Export results

Real-time data validations for all events

Annual Fitness Testing has been a part of Physical Education for many decades. Often Physical Education classes have a high student/teacher ratio, which can make data collection difficult. Typically done on paper, then transferring to a digital format is a nightmare. When integrated with the site’s Student Information System(SIS), this is done with ease. Rosters are always ready when it’s time to record.

Today, the capabilities to do many types of data collection in physical education has arrived and is quickly becoming the norm. Schools have better wifi access on campus, including the fields and playgrounds. This is new for physical education teachers everywhere. With the right technology in a PE teacher’s hands, Fitness Testing can now be done with much greater ease and efficiency.

“I’ve been a physical education teacher for more than 25 years and our solution has enhanced my program from labor intensive paper-driven input to a couple touches on the iPad or desktop to complete tasks.”
Stacy Wood
Physical Education Teacher
  1. PhysFit PFT uses dynamic rostering and targeted filters to organize your data collection the way you want. Organizing your rosters for quick and efficient recording anywhere on campus.
  2. PhysFit PFT is designed with the low-code, agile development tool, Claris FileMaker Pro, which empowers you to integrate with your Student Information System and grow with a variety of solutions in a single environment.
  3. PhysFit PFT offers a comprehensive summary view to assist in checking students’ overall test completion as well as identifying any errors in data entry and incomplete testing.
  4. PhysFit PFT provides strict validation consistent with a Physical Fitness Tests’ data constraints
  5. PhysFit PFT reduces administrative burden on staff when compiling finalize results.
  6. PhysFit PFT opens the door for expanded data collection for your entire Physical Education program.


App should be installed on FileMaker Server.

PhysFit PFT is best experienced when hosted on Claris FileMaker Server and integrated with your Student Information System. Contact EduOptics for a free consultation to discuss deployment options for your school(s).

PhysFit PFT is a free solution included with the Claris Smart Pack. See the Claris for K-12 Education website for purchasing and download details.