High5 empowers students to be accountable for their service hours AND lessens the workload of program advisors

Community Service Digital Journal

Having the right tool for collecting and reporting service hours ensures a successful program and provides valuable feedback to all stakeholders: schools, students, parents and the community.

Simplicity is key to a successful solution. High5 provides a clean and simple interface that gets the job done. Other one-trick pony solutions are available, but do not provide the agility for quick customization and adaptation to a school’s evolving programs and initiatives.

Advisor Features

Manage your student’s community service hours from anywhere with ease (iPad, Desktop)

Approve service hours with just a click or tap

Create alerts to students on entries that need attention/follow up

100% paperless

Data export

Student Features

Simple input of service hours from a phone (on-site!) or computer

Use phone’s microphone to dictate instead of type

Autofill organization info based on previous entries

Live view of approved hours

Ease of student goal monitoring

100% paperless

Photo evidence / mobile signature

Schools increasingly use community service as an important dimension in determining student success. Developing real-world skills, increasing confidence, compassion and empathy, and developing a sense of purpose are all benefits students gain by participating and helping in their community.

Many hours are spent by community service program advisors, logging volunteer time, approving hours, monitoring goals, and communicating all of this back to the student. High5 lessens the workload of advisors and enables students to take charge and be accountable for their own service hours, closing the communication loop between advisor, student and parent.

In anything you do, efficiency is paramount. This service hours solution has an incredibly easy user interface for staff and students, eliminates ALL on-site paperwork, and brings everything into one centralized, digital hub. Additionally, the solution allows me to easily track hundreds of student service hours in real time. Honestly, I cannot quantify how many hours of time it saves me, but it is a tremendous amount. This is a must use program.
Jeff Smith
Assistant Principal


High5 is designed with the low-code, agile development tool, Claris FileMaker Pro, which enables you to integrate with your Student Information System and grow with a variety of solutions in a single environment.

The app requires FileMaker Server installation with WebDirect enabled. Students use a URL to access the app from anywhere, with any device (typically their phone). Advisor access the solution via URL from a browser or use FileMaker Go (iphone, ipad) or FileMaker Pro (desktop).

High5 is a free solution included with the Claris Smart Pack. See the Claris for K-12 Education website for purchasing and download details.