Our Story

Don Gray
Founder, Concept Engineer

I am a 26 year Middle School Physical Education Teacher. It’s always been my goal to give my students access to their personal achievement data and worked hard creating  systems to serve this purpose. PE offers a host of information and the challenge has forever been efficiently and effectively capturing that information out in the field. It wasn’t until 7 years ago when I met and worked with Carol, a 20 year Claris FileMaker developer, that I understood what database solutions could mean to my Physical Education program as well my school as a whole. It became very clear where the value of data capturing existed in the educational environment.

Carol Hunneyman
Founder, Developer

Many moons ago, I was introduced to the “if” statement and writing scripts – I found my passion and began my career as a programmer. The icing on the cake was when I was introduced to FileMaker Pro years later – I was able to create solutions in a fraction of the time. It was so rewarding to save people time in such a short time

Fast forward – I am at a PTA meeting at my son’s school. A PE Teacher (Don) popped in to ask for volunteers to collect data for a PE event. My “mom hat” flew off and my database radar kicked in. I wondered how he was collecting the data and I left the meeting to go talk to him about it.

After we met...

Don proceeded to educate me about all of the data silos popping up on school campuses in the form of single-user apps, shared but hard to use spreadsheets and forms, and, yes, clipboards – none of which were integrated with the Student Information System. He knew the value of all of that data being in one place – how all stakeholders involved in a students success could interpret and analyze the data to improve student outcomes. He just didn’t know how to do it. FileMaker to the rescue…

With the support of an innovative Principal...

We partnered up and began our journey of saving teachers time, consolidating scattered data silos, and streamlining school processes with a teacher-centered interface that supports all stakeholders involved in a student’s success. We learned successful implementation happens when a solution has minimal classroom disruption.

Teacher Tested. Teacher Approved.